1. Choosing correct shoe size

Sizing may vary between style and type of footwear. We recommend that you measure the length of your feet in cm and order the size that is the largest of the two.

If you choose to order by size, please bear in mind that sizes for men and women differ in US and UK. The reference table we would recommend you use as a guide is here.

If you are still unsure about which size would fit you best, contact us at cs[at]lacci.shoes and we will be happy to give you a helping hand.

Please note that all e-mails are answered only during business hours, which do not include weekends and bank holidays.

2. How can I pay


We accept all major cards and payments via internet banks. To ensure speed processing we recommend you use PayPal service. We do not store your credit card details.


3. What is delivery time


Once order is ready, DHL express takes it to you. Normally, within Europe it reaches you the day after shipping. Please allow up to one week for delivery outside of EU.

It is essential that you provide us with your mobile number that can receive SMS. Once the order is picked up, you will receive an SMS from DHL confirming the delivery day.


4. Can I alter the order once it had been paid


It may be impossible once the order has been produced. If something happens that you need to change something, please contact us immediately at cs[at]lacci.shoes.

We will do our best to accommodate your request but we cannot guarantee it. As per our Terms and Conditions, all sales are final once paid.


5. Can I speed up the production time?


We do our best to produce your pair of shoes within six weeks. Most of our orders depart within a week from payment.

If you need to order an urgent order it is best to let us know by writing to cs[at]lacci.shoes . We will consult with the Operations whether we can accommodate it and to make it. The fastest we could do would be two days plus delivery time. This is not contractual, but we will do our best, really, to help you.


6. What if I change my mind and I no longer want the shoes?

Once the order has been placed and paid we cannot normally cancel it. The thing is that it is a customized thing and hence may be hard for another customer to buy.

We will do our best to offer you a partial refund, as for example, we do need samples to demonstrate. In that case we will offer you a credit of 100 EUR.


7. May I exchange the shoes?


Sure, if there is a defect. Please consult our T&C as to what the procedure is, but in a couple of words you should send us an email with the photo and the description, to cs[at]lacci.shoes and instructions will follow as to what solutions we may have for you.


8. Can I order two separate shoes (either in size or in make?)

Sure, please send email to cs[at]lacci.shoes immediately after placing the order. If you hear from us within 24 hours, it will be possible. Please forward to us the order form as you received it from us and details of what size you want for left and for right shoe.


9. Where are shoes produced?


All shoes come from Emilia-Romagna or Marche area of Italy.


10. Where do you ship the shoes from?

The shoes are shipped from the factory and in some cases from Belgium.


11. What if I miss the delivery?

No worries- you can reschedule it with DHL. Don’t forget to provide a valid Mobile number that can receive SMS.


12. Can I order same for my kids?

Sure, starting size 20.8 CM.


13. Do you have feminine shoes?

Yes - on the way! Keep following us!


15. How do I take care of the shoes?


Just as a normal leather or suede. No special care. Accurate love that is.


16. Can I get a discount? Where do I find coupons?

Follow us at Facebook and Instagram to get current deals.


17. May I get to see the full terms and conditions?

Yes, please follow our T&C page that has all that boring but still important text.


18. I am a retailer and I want to sell your shoes. Can we cooperate?

Sure! We offer you a deal. We only need a few spots in your shop to install our Tablet PCs so people can order our shoes via your shop. We will offer you special deals for yourself and a load of samples.

See our proposal here.


19. What does lacci actually mean? How do I pronounce this name?


Lacci Stands for Laces in Italian and sounds same as if you said ‘latchi’. Some people call them Lucky Shoes, and we don’t mind, because they are such!


20. If you have any other question please get back to us so we can get it here for the benefit of everyone!








The main differences of lacci shoes


We use only high quality real leather meticulously selected to ensure unparallel softness, fine grain, and durability.


In addition to Italian craftsmanship, we take pride in locally sourcing all of our materials. That means when we say our shoes are made in Italy we really mean it!

How we make Lacci Shoes